Set up your SiteGround Account

  1. Navigate to SiteGround*
  2. Select the StartUp plan
  3. Choose a domain (see video for options – save by using NameCheap*)
  4. Select billing options (monthly billing or annual billing)
  5. Enter contact information
  6. Select Domain Privacy if you are purchasing your domain at SiteGround
  7. Agree to SiteGround Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  8. Click Pay Now

Using a different WordPress host

While I have chosen SiteGround to host my websites and build the course website, there are many other good options available. If you already have a hosting account where you can build your WordPress website, feel free to continue using that. Most of the course centers around WordPress, which will be mostly the same no matter where it is hosted.

If you would like to explore other hosting options, check out this WordPress hosting comparison chart.

* Affiliate Link – If a qualified purchase is made after clicking this link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support Church Site Hero