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Building a church website should be fun, not difficult!

Following the bread crumbs in my life has lead me into 2 unexpected and rewarding careers. In 2004, I was called into full time Christian ministry where I wore many hats, including Worship Leader, Small Group Leader, Media creator, and more. In 2015, God lead me into a new career where I spent many years supported people building websites.

When I unexpectedly lost my job, I started looking for the breadcrumbs again and found a way to leverage my knowledge and experience from my past two careers to create a resource to help small churches build websites.

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Kingdom Supporting

I live in Ohio with my wife of 20+ years and 4 kids (most of who are still at home). Support from this website allows us to live out our own Kingdom journey. Our goal is to live in such a way that an investment in is an investment in the Kingdom. Thank you for your support!