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Building a church website can feel overwhelming. At churchsitehero.com, we simplify each step of the process so you can build a great website and better connect with your community. No more being paralyzed by too many options and not knowing where to begin.

You now can get started, build, and launch a website for your church. Buy our Church Website Starter Course for a step-by-step guide in building your church website!

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Build a Church Website

A website has become one of the most effective communication and community building tools for churches.  The problem is, many churches lack the resources or know-how to build one.  Yes, there are plenty of online resources to help, but this can quickly lead to overwhelm and make it  difficult to know where to start, leaving you frustrated and discouraged.

I believe every church that wants a website should be able to build one themselves.  There are  many decisions to make throughout the process and it is not always obvious what steps to take. This is why I have created guides to help.  Here’s how it works:  Purchase the course, follow the steps provided, and you will be on your way to launching your website.  Get the course now so you can stop going in circles and get your website off the ground.